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Instalment loans always facilitate ease during financial stress, which could be severe in case of poor credit situation. In such conditions, when instant access to funds is much needed, the low rating becomes the obstacle in a loan approval. Loan Store ensures that irrespective of credit score performance, you find your financial relief at the right moment of the need. As an added benefit, the feature of no credit check accompanies the loan offer our team customises for you. We have affordable deals that are obtainable through quick procedure backed-up by instant approval decision and timely fund disbursement. There is no demand for any kind of upfront, hidden or any other kind of fee. We aim to keep things simpler and faster when the money mess is already annoying you.

Process of Getting Loans

What Is an Installment loan for bad credit?

An instalment loan for bad credit is the short-term availability of funds on a lower rate with flexible and small monthly repayments.

Can I Apply for Small Instalment Loans for Bad Credit?

Yes, you can easily apply for the small instalment loans for bad credit in the UK with certain conditions in your personal finances that are helpful to qualify for the approval.

  • Strong current income status – Monthly earning should be able to repay the monthly instalments.
  • Satisfying income-outgoing ratio – The idol level is minimum 60:40, but due to poor credit issue, 50/50 is the set parameter.
  • Improved recent financial behaviour – you may have a low score due to past mistakes, but at least the recent financial behaviour should show timely payments.

Note – We accept the applicants with the minimum limit of the poor credit score of 561 if the fund seeker shows repay efficiency in exchange.

Should I get an Instalment Loan?

An instalment loan offers financial suffice for the small needs of money, and it is also easy to obtain in a short time. You should get it if you experience following circumstances -

  • If you face little requirements of funds frequently but miss to borrow due to bad credit, you can depend on online instalment loan by showing a stable income.
  • The feature of customisation makes the loan easy to manage, which means there is no threat of getting into the condition of the debt trap.
  • If you want an instant back up for unforeseen financial needs, you can rely on instalment loans. They are round-the-clock available.
  • If you travel a lot and believe that an online loan option of borrowing funds should be there to manage expenses, go for these loans.

There can be many reasons to apply for the small instalment loans for bad credit; one cannot make a decided list. With these common reasons, you can add your own and borrow money smoothly.

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees

What is a Good and Bad Credit Score?

A comparison between the good and the bad credit score can explain the two terms in a better manner. Also, you can gain an understanding of how both affect your finances. It is good to see both the sides of a coin, as it helps earn insight into the dos and don’ts you should follow to avoid a poor credit score.

A good credit score stands between 881 – 960 A bad credit score stands between 561 - 720
You earn it if you make timely payments of bills, debts and all types of financial obligations on your responsibility. You get it if you miss your bills, repayments etc. The finance companies report about the delayed payments to the credit reference agencies, and they assign you a lower score.
Good rating helps get approval on credit cards, mortgages. However, you may miss the super lucrative deals reserved for excellent credit score people. Bad credit rating creates obstacles in the approval of financial products. Your application gets accepted, but interest rates can be higher. However, online direct lenders like LoanStore considers the repay efficiency of the applicant and offers lower rates.
Factors that make good credit score are – timely payments, good income –outgoing ratio, no habit of making multiple applications for a loan etc. Factors that cause poor credit score – Missed payments, multiple credit applications, not getting registered on the electoral roll

Why Choose Loan Store UK?

LoanStore endeavours to be the best choice for bad credit instalment loans offered by any direct lender in the UK. Through the smooth and predictable procedure, you can borrow funds for any need and at any day, as we work on bank holidays. We want to present some reasons to describe why you should consider Loan Store UK?

  • 98% approval rate without any demand of guarantor or collateral
  • No additional fee in the name of compensation to your poor credit
  • Personalized attention through dedicated relationship managers
  • No annoying phones call, only message notifications to inform
  • Fast payment to match with your last-minute financial needs
  • Surety of safety, we do not forward information to any third party

Get in touch with us, for sure you can find more reasons to choose us for your daily, significant needs. No delay, no lengthy process, no rejection anxiety, we trust your repaying capacity and in reciprocation want your trust on us.

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