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Irrespective of your purpose we provide loans that are affordable.

  • No hidden charges
  • Quick Cash deposit
  • Borrow up to £50,000*
  • 100% online application
  • Open 365 days a year
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  • Apply on bank holidays
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Do you want to expand your business to new heights?
Are you feeling excited to buy a new home or a car?

Long term loans are for accomplishing broad financial purposes. Borrowers can apply for them irrespective of their personal or commercial purposes. The low-interest rates and large borrowed amount are the most attractive loan features that can attract anyone. Applying for loans from direct lenders in the UK seems more beneficial than mainstream lenders.

As one of the most trusted online direct lenders, Loan Store offers the best deals on long term loans for your future finance. We are engaged to provide more personalised loan offers that have helped both good and poor credit people to handle the unforeseen expenses more efficiently. With expertise in arranging the quick solution to deal with your money-related problems, we can be proved an ideal long term loan lender for you.

Process of Getting Loans

What features LoanStore offers on long term loans?

Our loans mean an utterly viable solution for your significant financial issues, as they boast of features like:

  • Loan deals better fit to your financial objectives
  • Easier and faster lending experience
  • Flexible and feasible lending service
  • Secure lending platform with no risk at all
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How to Apply for Long Term Loans

Very easy if you are applying here. With us, get approved in just three easy steps:

  • Choose the loan deals
  • Open an online application form and fill it
  • Submit the application and get approval within 24 hours

That’s it...


Yes, Loan Store does have the deals for your long term personal and business needs. As far as features are concerned, continue to read below:-

  • Very helpful in building a credit score
  • Remove your pending debts easily
  • Exciting loan deals for fresh customers
  • Lower interest rates for any credit history
  • A perfect way to back your Guaranteed car financing
  • Best option to continue cash flow
  • Reduce investor’s intervention
  • An ideal way to build business credit
  • Expand your business sphere to more counties
  • Cover the journey from small to large enterprise


In a short period, we have spread our lending wings almost all over the UK because we always believe in an advanced online lending service.

Are you residing in Manchester?
Do you want long term loan at Leeds?

Whatever your location is, we are available 24/7 with you through the effective way of the internet. You do not need to approach us physically. Your comfort is our comfort. Just follow our website to submit the e-loan application with minimum or no documents required. Surely, you must have a lot of expectations from us, and we vouch for a complete financial result for you. Familiar us with your borrowing objectives, we will take of them with the best efforts.

Note: It would be better if you pre-registered with us. It will help you to get desired funds on an immediate basis. Remember, we have special discounts on the loan interest rates for the existing borrowers.

Are you a new borrower to us? Don’t worry. You also have specialised advantages while applying for long term loans.

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees


We are here in the UK marketplace for everyone. Each individual wants a regular cash flow, and we provide it entirely. From paperless application procedure to instant loan approval, everything is borrower-centric. To add more to our loan benefits’ tally, we have introduced the offer of long term no credit check loans.

Instead of a hard credit check, we do a soft credit check that is more or less equal to almost no credit score check of the borrowers. It does not leave any search footprint on to your credit profile. This option will be perfect for those who are:

  • Those who are the first time borrower
  • Those who want to rebuild their credit scores

You do not have to worry about the interest rates because ours are always competitive and affordable on long term loans for bad credit people.

What If I Miss My Repayments?

We do understand that financial complications happen and despite an honest intention to pay the funds at the right time, you fail to make the timely payments. The long-term loans are always affordable due to a longer tenure and a lower rate, but we can make it even more flexible on genuine concern.

We can reschedule the repayment plan during the tenure to make it more convenient and suitable according to your current financial conditions. Our lending policies are never intimidating because, with a very practical approach, we tailor them for the comfort of the borrower.

Also, there is no penalty up to 2 you missed repayments, the moment you feel that there can be any complication in paying the instalments, you can visit us online. We are available 24x7 irrespective of bank holidays to solve any concern you have on the loan instalments.

It is also necessary to clear here that we also make a new payment schedule for the poor credit applicants. There is no discrimination, and every loan feature is equally available to every borrower irrespective of credit score status and employment status.

We are always ready to work on simplified ways to deliver ease to the loan bearers because LoanStore not only provides funds but also works for the overall financial well-being of its borrowers.


As a responsible direct lender in the UK, we know that some mistakes or unwanted situations happen when you lose the grip from your credit scores. Facing rejections from the mainstream lenders should not bother you because we provide the perfect alternative. We offer long term loans with CCJ as well. However, the interest rates will be higher than usual, and borrowers have to accompany their loan application with:

  • A guarantor with good or fair credit score
  • Collateral equal to the borrowing amount
  • Sufficient monthly income to make on-time repayment

We can accept your Unemployed loans application with the completion of at least two conditions out of these three but only in specific circumstances. To make it clearer to you, we have introduced a specialised lending product called CCJ no guarantor loans. Therefore, we offer loan deals on individual circumstances.

Applying for these loans is like you have another chance to utilise the given opportunity and prove yourself in the financial market that you are also a trustworthy person. If you succeed in it, your credit ratings will improve, and we feel fortunate to be part of it.

CCJ Loans

Why are you waiting and over thinking of your shivering finances? Just hold your laptop in your hands and start applying long term loans with us.


What is a long term loan?

It is a type of debt paid off over an extended period, which may be between three years and 25 years. A long-term loan works differently compared to other short-term loans. The debt is paid back in equal foxed instalments. Every month you will pay a certain amount of principal along with the interest. Due to amortised nature of the debt, it continues to reduce with each instalment paid. Long-term loans require you to put collateral regardless of your credit history. However, in case of impaired credit rating, you will likely end up paying a bit higher interest rates.

What is considered as a long term loan?

A form of debt which is paid back over a long period of time duration that goes more than one year is called a long-term loan. A long-term loan is useful for a large amount of fund. You can get it from traditional lenders as well as direct lenders. To obtain a loan from traditional lenders you should have an excellent credit score while you can get the loan from direct lenders like Loan-Store despite bad credit score. For a long-term loan rate of interest is generally low.

How can I get a long term loan with bad credit?

Yes, anyone can get the long term loan with bad credit. Majority of the people have a mindset that bad credit is a welcome note for financial trouble. It is nothing but your performance that how you have managed your expenses in past. The lender wants to secure their funds with other means if not the credit history. If you are on a good company and earning on a high annual wages then you can get the loan. However, in long term loans, you are taking a bigger amount of money so to fell on the safer side even the private firms needs a security like any of your asset as collateral. Moreover, you can ask to show any guarantor with good credit to make your loan approved.

Can I Get a Long-Term Loan If I Have Bad Credit Score?

Yes, definitely. You will be an eligible borrower, not a risky one. In the era of FinTech lending, getting approval long term loans despite having poor credit score background should not be a difficult task. At the same time, a few conditions might prevail such as:

  • Borrowers must have a guarantor to ensure the lender about well-timed repayments either from primary borrower or the co-signer
  • Borrowers must be earning sufficiently to ensure the repayment of loan on time

The completion of these instructions will help borrowers to accomplish their long personal goals or certain business purposes.

What can I use a long term loan for?

You can apply for long term loans for multiple purposes, such as:

  • To start a business
  • To purchase a new car
  • To fill the financial gap while buying a property
  • To fund the education at a foreign country
  • To renovate your home
  • To fund the special occasion like wedding ceremony
What is the highest loan you can get?

The loan marketplace does have multiple deals available with the highest amount to offer. One can avail up to £150000 depending upon the current needs, income capacity and the excellent credit score.

The more proficient you are in your income, the more chances you have to get the higher amount to borrow.

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