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Irrespective of your purpose we provide loans that are affordable.

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Long Term Loans for Your Desired Needs

As one of the most trusted online direct lenders, Loan Store is dedicated to offering the best deals on long term no credit check loans for your future finance. We are engaged to provide you with more personalised loan offers. Our financial services have helped the poor credit Britons to handle the unforeseen expenses in a more effective way. We have an expertise in arranging the quick solution to deal with your money-related problems. Our team of professional lenders always strives to improve customers’ experience and care about their personal as well as financial needs. Whenever you need money for any emergency, you can apply for our long term loans. You do not need a guarantor, nor collateral. Our flexible and convenient approach will always help you tide over. If you need a helping hand, you will find us active and responsive to your needs even if your credit score is less-than-stellar.

What You Need to Do to Connect With Us?

Loan Store has the presence all over in the UK with its technologically advanced online lending service. Whether you are residing in Bristol, Birmingham, or any other county, you can easily reach to us through the path of internet.

In order to become our borrower, you just need to have an online access for visiting our website. There is absolutely no need of submitting any documents and visiting physically at our office. We understand that you want to meet us and we never disappoint you. Our assistance is for 24/7 because our aim is to prevent financial strain in your life through the means of our loan term loans.

Medical emergency, unemployment, home shifting, purchasing a new car, planning to establish a new business and many more are some of the emergencies or necessities happen in our life. As a responsible FinTech lender, we know how to frame relevant long-term solutions to such problems and present them to our perspective borrowers.

All you need to apply for the loan is our website. Just put in the application form online and submit. We will quickly analyse your income statement and repayment capacity to decide the disbursal limit. We provide bespoke loan offers depending on your financial condition.

Bad Credit Long Term Loans With Convenient Lending

We believe everyone should have access to regular cash flow. To serve your financial purposes, we are delivering the genuine lending services. Our paperless application procedure makes the borrowing easy and brings a remarkable transformation in your life. The loans are helpful in a long run and provide you financial values as well. With us, get approved in just 3 easy steps:

  • Fill an online application form.
  • Choose the loan deals.
  • Submit the application and get approved.

When unexpected things happen, we are here to help you get everything you need to manage your financial well-being through these no credit check loans. You will get funds the same day when you put in the loan application. You do not need to get into the hassle of filling out lengthy application forms and visiting to us in person. Now you can get money at comfort of your home.

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees

CCJ Loan Proposals To Beat Bad Credit Situations

At Loan Store, we understand things happen that responsible for sliding down your credit situations. We are here to lend you the best possible no credit check loan products for your financial means. We are available round the clock and keep you informed on our loan products. This is going to serve you with continuous loan information, and make us the credible place where large amounts are available with no hindrance.

Having a CCJ judgement means your financial reliability is at stake. For some lenders, you may be at the WORST financial period because of that issue, but for us, it is still WORTH to apply for the loans. Yes, indeed, you still have a chance of borrowing funds and fulfil emergency needs with no hassle. Before approving the applications, we quickly go through the individual circumstances and approve loans according to your financial needs as well as the capacity.

If you want to apply for the CCJ no guarantor loan here, providing the guarantor or pledging the collateral is up to you. However, making these arrangements calm down the interest rates otherwise higher rates will be levied.

Applying for these loans is like you have another chance to utilise the given opportunity and prove yourself in the financial market that you are also a trustworthy person. If you succeed in it, your credit ratings will improve and we feel fortunate to be part of it.

Why you are waiting and thinking too much of your shivering finances? Just hold your laptop in your hands and start applying long term loans for bad credit with us.


What is a long term loan?

It is a type of debt paid off over an extended period, which may be between three years and 25 years. A long-term loan works differently compared to other short-term loans. The debt is paid back in equal foxed instalments. Every month you will pay a certain amount of principal along with the interest. Due to amortised nature of the debt, it continues to reduce with each instalment paid. Long-term loans require you to put collateral regardless of your credit history. However, in case of impaired credit rating, you will likely end up paying a bit higher interest rates.

What is considered as a long term loan?

A form of debt which is paid back over a long period of time duration that goes more than one year is called a long-term loan. A long-term loan is useful for a large amount of fund. You can get it from traditional lenders as well as direct lenders. To obtain a loan from traditional lenders you should have an excellent credit score while you can get the loan from direct lenders like Loan-Store despite bad credit score. For a long-term loan rate of interest is generally low.

How can I get a long term loan with bad credit?

Yes, anyone can get the long term loan with bad credit. Majority of the people have a mindset that bad credit is a welcome note for financial trouble. It is nothing but your performance that how you have managed your expenses in past. The lender wants to secure their funds with other means if not the credit history. If you are on a good company and earning on a high annual wages then you can get the loan. However, in long term loans, you are taking a bigger amount of money so to fell on the safer side even the private firms needs a security like any of your asset as collateral. Moreover, you can ask to show any guarantor with good credit to make your loan approved.