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What Are Home Collection Loans?

Home collection loans represent another form of personal loans that has been in huge demand especially for the last few years. Also referred to as Doorstep Loans, it comprises a simple and straightforward procedure where the lender’s agent processes the loan application with the borrowers on face-to-face meeting at their home. He tries to explain every nook and corner of the loan deal and suggest the best suited one according to borrower’s circumstances and current requirements.

Some people get confused regarding, is there any difference between home collected loans and doorstep loans? But they are not the different products but named differently at various lending hubs. LoanStore also offers the best it can in providing these cash loans on flexible terms and conditions.

These door-to-door loans are favourable for different classes of borrowers, such as:

  • Physically handicapped people
  • Individuals with no bank account
  • Unemployed persons both tenants and homeowners
  • Women on maternity leaves
  • People, who have to sit at home to take care of their parents or relatives

These loans are simply the procedure of head-to-head lending service.

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What the Reasons Are to Opt for Doorstep Loans?

The instant cash loans like these doorstep loans are often finding out perfect for the small personal needs, such as:

  • Urgent car repair
  • Paying the rent
  • Booking flight tickets
  • Purchasing school uniform of children
  • Hotel bookings for vacations ahead
  • Clearing credit card debts

These are some of the reasons and of course, many are for the borrowers. Besides that, there are some specific reasons to apply for these home collected loans. For instance:

  • Comfortable lending is the key where people want to have cash at their home and can also make the repayments by sitting at same place.
  • Those who want to help their friends or relatives by using cash rather than through electronically transfer.
  • People, who have been denied from borrowing funds by the traditional lenders, as they have bad credit scores.
  • There are many people, who do not have their bank accounts and they think applying for loans would be better than opening a bank account.

Home Collection Loans with No Credit Check Facility

Yes borrowers, LoanStore has once again proved that it is your best financial companion during tough times. Come here and get an easy approval on home collection loans with no credit check done. Now it is quite clear that we do not take your credit history into our considering while analysing your loan application. In place of that, we prefer to take a look at your income status and decide the approval decision on the basis of your repayment capacity.

What are the advantages?

Such sort of flexible lending, like doorstep loans with no credit check, often invites a number of advantages for the borrowers. Some of them are mentioned below:

Home Collection loans UK
  • With no credit check, borrowers have the excellent opportunity to get guaranteed loan approval irrespective of their bad credit score or very poor credit score.
  • There will be no search footprints on to their credit profile and it means they do not have to worry about their credit score goes worst.
  • Improving the credit scores is also a possibility because no assessment of your credit history has been done and you can enhance it through timely repayments.

Greenwoods loans Doorstep Cash Loans with No Fuss of Repayments

Not just the ‘home collection loans’, they should also be pronounced as ‘home payment loans’ as well. LoanStore gives you an extreme comfort of making the repayments also by sitting at your living room. Just discuss with our agent about the possible repayment schedule according to your convenience. However, it is suggested that you should pre-decide the repayment term in order to save time during the conversion and also to get the same day payout.

We have categorised the repayment schedule to three categories, which are mentioned below:

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees
Days Payment (14 or 28 days)
Amount (£500 to £2000)
Weekly Payments (13-20 Weeks)
Amount (£2000 to £5000)
Monthly Payments (6-12 months)
Amount (£5000 to £10000)

Why Loan Store is Different in Offering Home Collection Loans?

The financial marketplace of the UK has the presence of a number of direct lenders, but Loan Store is committed to offer you both useful and unique lending experience. Since our inception, we have been trying hard to reach out at the maximum number of people living all over the UK. Thus, we are here for you whether you are residing in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Swansea, Edinburgh or any other city.

A plenty of the doorstep loan benefits are waiting for you, such as:

  • Simple and straightforward application procedure
  • Borrow funds according to your extreme needs
  • No penalty on late payment
  • Specialised loan deals for upcoming Christmas season
  • Discount on interest rates for the first time buyers
  • Low interest rates for physically handicapped people
  • Equal lending criteria for people with guarantor or no guarantor

Home collection loans represent the new age of short term loans and we do not want to lag behind in the competition. Apply for our personalised deals on these doorstep loans now and see the difference that we bring out usually.


What is a home collected loan?

Home collected loan is the synonym of doorstep loan where the entire loan process has been done at the doorstep of the borrowers. These are the short-term loans, and applied especially during the financial emergency.
People with no job or physical disability find these loans very suitable to avail. The best part is that borrowers can directly communicate with the lender’s agent, and hence, there is a minimum chance of any misunderstanding.

Do loans at home do a credit check?

No is the answer. However, it largely depends upon the lenders, as how they treat the loan applications. But most of the times, these small loans do not involve any credit check.
Such facility makes very easy for the borrowers with bad credit scores or no credit rating to obtain the borrowing funds without any complications. They can straightway apply for the loans on the basis of their income status.

What is the difference between a doorstep and a home collection loan?

When we compare a doorstep loan with the home collection loan, we can find out that there is no specific different between them. They are the synonyms to each other, and based on the home based loan procedure.
In applying any of these loans, borrowers send the loan application online. Once received, lender sends its agent to their home to process the loan and also to collect the repayments.

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