How to Celebrate a Financially Sound Halloween

Halloween festivals 2020

Show me a person who says he/she doesn’t love Halloween and I’ll show you a liar! We all love Halloween; No other night allows us to dress ridiculously funny and munch on childhood sweets without having someone judge us. Believe it or not, people spend a lot of money on this
festival, and not everyone is financially sound to celebrate the festival.
Here are some simple tips to help you manage your finances this year while you celebrate the festival of Halloween with full enthusiasm.


There are two things people love about Halloween, the candy and the costumes! But costumes take a lot of money, and if you have more than one kid and need to buy costumes for each one of your children, then it becomes a chore. Moreover, it takes a lot of money and efforts, but
you can check out a consignment shop or a thrift store and pick up products or find materials to make the final costume.
Let your children do the shopping for their intended Halloween costume and design your costume for much lesser. It will help you save money, and you can also ask family and friends or neighbours if they have a spare costume that your child can wear.


Some people wait a whole year for this festival, so it is indeed kind of a big deal. If a single pumpkin on the doorstep isn’t going to do it for you, then you can buy Halloween décor from a local pound store. Even better if you save and reuse your Halloween decorations from last year. Don’t trash the decorative items from last year and use them this year too to save money. Store your goblins, ghouls and other decorative items safely in a box and take them out during the festival season.

Chocolates, Candies and sweets

Candy is the favourite part of many trick-or-treaters, but you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. Instead of buying costly chocolate bars, buy assorted candies as candies are pricey if you buy the brands. 100 kids on an average will visit you so keep candies for them, and if there are any latecomers, you know that they are getting a whole lot of sugar, so you don’t need to worry about them.

Look for coupons, Halloween discounts, two for one deal and other discount deals and buy what you can afford instead of going over the top with gourmet chocolate bars. Don’t forget to keep an average of how many kids visit your home this Halloween so you can plan better for
next year.

Pumpkins – a Must for the Festival

You can’t store or save pumpkins from rotting so they are a depreciating investment that you will have to buy every year. If you are the type of person who can’t make do with just one pumpkin, set yourself a budget for the rotting gourds. Keep your spending in check or let your
kids pick out the pumpkins from the local grocery store.
Look for discount deals, two for one deal or coupons while purchasing pumpkins.

Visiting outside and celebrating from inside

There are plenty of harvest and Halloween festivals during the fall, and they are typically free. There are a whole lot of budget-friendly activities available outdoors that you can enjoy with your family.

Spend the day roaming around a farm with your family or take a hayride. Or get in the car with your family and take a ride out of town to look at the changing scenery of the trees or enjoy a festival in the fall. Visit your church or community and make the most out of what’s already going in the community to enjoy with your kids.

Or plan a scenic picnic with your family with a bed sheet, quilt, homemade pies and picnic food.

Follow the Customs of Your Family

Take a weekend or two for spending some quality time with your family together. If you are feeling lazy and don’t feel like leaving the house, then you can run a Halloween movie marathon with your family. Or you could even start a family tradition that is budget-friendly like

planning a fall-themed baking or cooking day, or doing pumpkin carving with your kids on a particular day.

How to Celebrate a Financially Sound Halloween

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