Graduates, Broadcast Your Availability To Land A Job

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Unemployed is a stressful situation that anyone experiences at one moment of life. However, it is very common among college graduates who look for jobs in their specialist field but cutthroat competition shuts them out. Though the unemployment has significantly reduced in the UK, many graduates are still struggling. Some employers consider hiring experienced people and if they hire you, they will offer you low wages.

On the other hand, some fields are so competitive that thousands of applicants apply for a handful of vacancies. It means you need to have very impressive resume to stand out. If you one of those graduates who have been struggling to land a job in their fields, you should understand ways to market your availability. A large number of graduates rely on freelance projects and part-time jobs, making difficult to keep the wolf from the door. Some are badly off that they take unemployed loans with no guarantor even to fund their recurring expenses.

At some point, you will have to switch your focus from freelance career to full-time job. You will be surprised to know that a blog can display your skills, strength and talent to employers. Even if you lack experience, your impressive blog can improve the chances of your selection. It is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge in a particular field along with research skills, presentation skills, technical skills and much more. It proves that you have ability to do something and it is worth hiring you for a job.

It attracts employment

First, you need to determine your employment goals. What you want to do, what field you are targeting. The blog can target your field of specialization or something else you are passionate about. Creating a blog is a straightforward process. You can create it on any blogging platform. Most of them are free of cost. However, you will have restriction to access advanced features.

Create an “About Me” page to promote your service. Tell how employers and companies can benefit from your knowledge and talent. This page will tell about your skills you mention in your resume. You should consider making a video to introduce yourself. The result will be more prompt if you create “Hire Me” and “My Services” pages. These pages will help employers know about you in detail. They can easily decide whether to hire you or not.

The “About Me” page should not be dull that displays data and dry information of your name, age and total experience. This is what your resume is already doing. You need to be creative with your approach. Tell about your past work and projects you have worked and what you have learned from your previous jobs. If you are absolute fresher, you should tell about training programmes or internships you attended in your university. The ultimate goal is to tell what you have you own. You should also discuss your past work and experience in brief in the video. Include the samples of your work. Your blog should reflect creativity, enthusiasm, passion and confidence.

Get noticed

You have set up a blog, now is the time to improve your visibility. As the audience of your blog increases, the more employers and recruiters will contact you. Promoting your blog means drawing attention of as many people as possible to your work. The best strategy to increase the traffic to your blog is promoting on social media. Another method is writing guest posts for popular websites in your field.

Business cards are also a great way to promote your blog. If you socialise with people, hand your business card. It should be simple with your name and the URL of your blog. Let your friends know about it so that they can give your reference to recruiters and employers. Since a blog is a new way to demonstrate your skills, employers will likely be blown away and they will schedule an interview with you as soon as possible.

The bottom line

If you are a college graduate and looking for a job in your field, you should create a blog as soon as possible to promote your skills and knowledge. If you successfully promote it, you will be surprised to see the outcome.

Graduates, Broadcast Your Availability To Land A Job

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