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    Our Loan Features:
  • People with bad credit are eligible
  • Homeowners and tenants can apply
  • Online application and no paperwork
  • Instant loan approval
  • Loans with no credit check

Representative Example

  • Borrowed Amount: £3000
  • Monthly Repayment: £156.47
  • Loan Term: 24 Months
  • Total Repayment: £5,632.94
  • Representative APR: 46.8%
no upfront fees

Unsecured Personal Loans - A Versatile Preference

Loan Store vows to the borrowers to deliver quick cash help with its exceptional products on the unsecured personal loans. Different direct lenders provide loans with different upper limit; the more in common limit is £50,000. The repayment period can be stretched for the months or over the years, depending on your financial capacity. The flexibility to repayment and freedom from pledging an asset or security makes our loans a preferred choice of people in need of small credit amount for a short period. Loan Store, as being the leading personal loans direct lender in the UK, offers cash help with customised manner; therefore, all of our offers on loans have unbeatable competitive edge.

Unlike other direct lenders, we are quite firmed to assist financially to those individuals, who are unemployed and struggling to get desired funds. They can easily qualify for our unemployed loans even if they have Poor credit score. After all, we are versatile to our lending approach.

Bad Credit Personal Loans - A Silver Line in Dark Clouds

Bad credit or poor credit loans are like the silver line in dark clouds. When the regular high street banks and alternative financial institutions turn down your loan application, Loan Store comes to help you by giving bad credit personal loans. Having good credit score is the must to have financial trait for everyone but low credit history generates without borrower’s intent because of unexpected expenses, jobless status or irregular income.

We understand your requirements and urgency for fast funding; therefore, we offer unsecured loans with direct lenders over the night at the least possible interest rate. We do not keep you on waiting for the days, as our experts confirm for acceptance or rejection both within hours. We transfer the accepted loan amount in your account by the next business day. You can use the unsecured personal loans amount to repair your credit history also.

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Loan Store - A Reliable Personal Loans Direct Lender

The lending interest rates depend on borrower’s financial circumstances and required loan amount. We endeavour to disburse the cheapest unsecured personal loans in the UK taking concern of all the interests of the borrowers. Our lending experts guide the applicant to optimise the amount and repayment period besides completing the online formalities.

No doubt, any loan cost you. Choosing the right loan type may save a lot for you. If you don’t have some equity in hand irrespective to its type, applying for the bad credit unsecured loans is a better option, as these are made available at competitive interest rate. If you need the low amount credit help for short-term, applying for the loan here is your right choice. If you need quick short-term financial help for switching over period between the jobs, better you choose Instant Payday Loan . Keeping the repayment period longer than you feel yourself capable to payback is a good way to be stress free during unstable income period; yes, try to pay back the debt at the earliest. We do not charge extra for early payment.

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Unsecured Loans with Direct Lenders - A Trustworthy Solution

A recent finding indicates that the Britons are under huge debts and the need of loans becomes imperative for them. It also confirms that more and more UK people trust the unsecured loans with bad credit from direct lenders because of easy process, less documentation, no waiting, fast lending, flexible repayment terms etc.

Loan Store respects the diversity in needs and repayment capabilities of prospective clients; therefore, respecting your privacy, we never ask for the purpose or reason for having bad credit history. Whatsoever quick cash need you have, just call our specialists to get the best proposal on the bad credit personal loans. Each deal, we commence, transforms the borrower’s experience of getting a loan because we care you in different way - with excellence and dedication.