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Professional and Knowledgeable Unsecured Loan Lenders

Financial emergency can occur impromptu and without any warning sign. It is primarily due to bad performing economy andtttt haphazard decisions of the individuals. Such monetary situations just don't work great for any one at any point of time. Loan Store is among the leading unsecured loan lenders in the UK offering real time advice as well as loan options to the borrowers.


Business Loans

Loan Store is the new age credit lending agency based in the UK, and specialising in small business loans. We have been successful in running new business by providing them with continuous flow of cash. We are not just the usual lenders, you come across on any day, and rather we are the loan advisers and financial analysts. Our loan offers will come only after we analyse your situations...

Business Loan

Instant Cash Loans

Loan Store is the online credit lending company working on the modality of cloud lending in the UK. We have finest ever deals on the instant loans for bad credit for our prospects, who either have poor credit history, or going through the terrible phase of unemployment. The instant cash loans from Loan Store have several benefits for the credit borrowers, which include flexible repayments...

Instant Loan

Loans for Unemployed

Loan Store is the UK based online credit lenders with the experience in small loans for unemployed people. We have been dealing with the unemployed people and unemployment for quite long, and this has given us the edge on these types of loans. At Loan Store, we understand the real situation and the conditions in the post unemployment scenarios...

Unemployed Loan

Who We Are

Loan Store is a legitimate and regulated financial lending agency in the UK, and we are concerned about your financial needs. Whether you want loans for your business or improve your bad credit history or for any other general purpose, we have the choices available. We provide instant cash flow offers, and above all lending deals come draped under nice packages.

We have strategic loan lending procedures, which are exclusively designed to meet the instant cash flow needed. Through our cash loans offers, we are on the edge of building your business and creating value in your life.

At Loan Store, we are offering the loan for your means, and moreover, we provide the advantage to meet just any loan requirement. We are your friend and great way towards the financial lending.


Our customers are always eager to say words of appreciation on the way we dealt with their critical financial situation. These words give us the excitement to serve them quickly.

Being an unemployed person was hurting me lot that forced me to avail a loan deal. I really want to thank the Almighty that I got loan from a reliable credit lending agency like Loan Store. I am grateful to have your loans for unemployed. Thanks once again!

Martin Mitchell

Kudos to Loan Store for providing me efficient deal on business loan. I was struggling to find a reliable financial source to commence a short enterprise. Since I got business loan from you, I am enjoying my business with no financial worry.


I want to thank Loan Store for providing me a great financial backup through monthly loans. You did everything that you had promised to me and now I am telling my friends or relatives if they want any loan, please avail it from Loan Store.

Keith Pennell

How our Loan Offers are Beneficial

We bring you lot of benefits for your personal and professional life. At Loan Store, we are interested to build a great reputation. We want the financial life of our customers to stabilise. Lending through us is a great experience as it comes with several benefits such as:

  • Impressive APRs
  • Easy loan solutions for various types of loans
  • Loans designed around the specific needs
  • Loans to fulfil your needs
  • Disbursal of loans into your bank account
  • Loan comes on easy approvals
  • Genuine loan offers coming from authentic lenders
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